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In Mid-January of this year, Dr. Paul Handleman of our Mill Valley, California office helped another patient avoid knee replacement using their own stem cells to treat their degenerative knee condition. We recently received this update on his condition following the procedure:

My procedure went very well. Diagnosis from two Orthopedic Doctors was a knee replacement, and my knee kept swelling and  getting injured during most activities, it used to be pretty painful. After my recovery I would say my knee is about 92-94% back to normal. I do not have aches and no problem with activities ( tennis, biking, weight training). I say 92-94% because sometimes I am aware of my knee but it does not hurt. I also take good care of it, took up cycling instead of heavy weight training and I use the brace that came with the procedure when playing tennis. It was really quite remarkable, the procedure itself is no fun but it is of short duration and I found it important to follow the doctor’s recommendation to the T. If my other knee develops problems I would have the procedure done without hesitation. I am glad I did some research and learned about this process which I am sure is the future of medicine.

Ernie Boone

We agree that this is the future of medicine and we’re proud to be leading the charge as part of the Regenexx Network, offering the most advanced and most researched family of regenerative procedures.