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My name is Dr. Norman Deitch and I am the founder and CEO of Health Link Medical Center. I established our first location in Oceanside, California in 2008 dedicated to providing the most effective and advanced technologies available for musculoskeletal conditions. Due to my frustrations of my lack of progress in the treatment and rehabilitation for my own knee, hip and low back problems, and similar frustrations with some of our patients, I was motivated to research the newest and most effective treatments I could find worldwide. I experimented with advanced electrotherapy devices from the US and Europe as well as Homeopathics, Pilates, Bodywork, Frequency Generators, Acupuncture and Chiropractic techniques and while I saw some improvements in my symptoms, I was not able to advance any type of regeneration of damaged tissues. This led me to learn about PRP as a viable regenerative treatment for arthritis and orthopedic issues. Starting in 2010, we began to perform PRP procedures. I was the first patient and did fairly well, especially for my knees. Our technology at the time was using a bedside centrifuge using a standardized kit that isolated the PRP for injection. While this was a good beginning, further investigation led me to establish our own laboratory to have more flexibility in concentrations of PRP to better deal with the differences in tissue damage and type.

I had heard about Regenexx as several of my patients had called them and researched what they were doing in late 2010. To my amazement, I discovered that Regenexx had been doing Autologous Stem Cell treatments since 2005 with excellent outcomes and were pioneering significant scientific discoveries and developments in the field. I also was impressed that they confined their work just to orthopedic conditions. I contracted Regenexx in 2011 and asked how I could offer their technologies to my patients in California. Around that time, Regenexx was developing a licensing program for qualified physicians so that they could train other doctors on their technologies and techniques in their advanced family of procedures. I jumped on the opportunity and as they say; The Rest is History.

Today, I am proud of our organization which has expanded to offices in San Rafael, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Laguna Hills and Oceanside. Our medical staff is composed of board certified physicians who specialize in Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Spine specialists who all have undergone a rigorous selection and training process. Health Link and Regenexx work very closely together coordinating our treatment protocols so we can deliver the latest discoveries and developments. All our patients who we treat are also included in the outcome data that Regenexx publishes regularly and provides a data based guide to the most effective treatments by anatomical location as well as the treatment protocol that was used.
Our entire staff is dedicated to serving our patients with the highest quality of care possible. Every physician consultation/evaluation is allocated one hour of time for careful evaluation and understanding of our patients. We promise you complete transparency, honest assessments and recommendations. Our patient coordinators work very hard to educate our candidates and make their treatment decisions as easy and well informed as possible.

Thank you,
Dr. Norman Deitch, CEO