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Stem Cells for Hip Arthritis CaliforniaNo higher complement than having a colleague physician as a patient

Dr. MB, a 57 year old medical doctor from northern California had been researching regenerative procedures for his Left hip and flew down to our center this past August. His MRI showed that he had severe degeneration and arthritis with a very large subchondral cyst and several smaller one as well. The cartilage was nearly absent (bone on bone). He had been suffering for about 3 years with pain going from dull to very sharp. He was otherwise healthy and active, however he was no longer able to participate in his favorite sport racquetball and walk for any period of time without suffering.  Dr. Phillip Zinni examined him, performed a diagnostic ultrasound and recommended the Regenexx (same day) SD stem cell transplant procedure. He had a pre-injection of super concentrated platelets (SCP), followed in 2 days with the marrow aspiration, stem cell harvest and fluoroscopic guided transplant of his own stem cells into his degenerated joint.  Dr. Zinni then performed his post transplant injection of Regenexx-SCP two days after his same-day stem cell procedure at our southern California clinic. He then went a local Egoscue center to learn specific exercises to strengthen his muscles and improve his range of motion.

Now it is 90 days since his treatment and I thought I would pass on his recent email talking about his progress. Keep in mind that this is very early in the healing process that can take up to 18 months.

“I am doing well, occasional pain which I believe is mostly muscle spasms. I have been able to increase my activity, rarely taking any pain meds, and then it is usually for something else. We went to Monterrey this past weekend and I was able to walk several miles a day without difficulty. I am still doing Egoscue and I am standing up much straighter, and I believe my gait is back to normal. I have found a couple of things which cause pain, usually those things that require more rapid movement, dancing, jogging will stir up pain, but I think most of the pain is still muscle pain there, though it may be some hip pain. I have worked hard at improving range of motion, and it is much better, my left hamstring was very tight and I was not able to fully extend the left knee before, I can now. So, while I am not perfect, I am much improved, and very thankful for all the wonderful care, (and torture also). My wife is glad to see my progress, and I am hoping to continue to increase my activity gradually. I have talked about the procedure with several patients who are considering it.”

Dr. B