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It’s been touted that Statin Cholesterol Lowering Drugs are the best way to lower Cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. There recommended for people with High Cholesterol, those that have heart disease, and now more than ever…even some healthy people for preventative measures.

Statins are one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the U.S. One in four Americans over 45 are taking them.

If you’re an adult over 40 years of age living in the U.S., chances are great that your doctor may bring up a conversation about taking these drugs at an upcoming doctors visit…so we can’t encourage you enough to do your homework to determine if these drugs are truly right for you…chances are great their not!!!

 Here’s what you need to know before you consider taking statins…

Statin drugs work to lower cholesterol.  As your doctor monitors your falling levels, it’s assumed that it’s proof your getting healthier and lowering your heart disease and heart attack risk. This is far from the truth.

Total Cholesterol tells you nothing about your disease risk unless it’s extremely elevated (above 330). Here’s two ratios that you need to know about that are much more indicative of heart disease risk:

  • HDL/Total Cholesterol Ratio – HDL percentage is very important heart attack risk factor. Divide HDL level by Total Cholesterol. Ideally percentage should be above 24%. Below 10% is significant heart disease risk indicator.
  • Triglyceride/HDL Ratio’s – Ideally should be below 2.


Additional Heart Disease Risk Factors…

Your Fasting Insulin Level – Meals and snacks high in Carbs (Sugars) including Fructose and refined grains (breads, pastas etc.) triggers rapid rise in blood glucose and insulin kicks in to compensate for this rise. This insulin that gets released from eating too many Carbs promotes Fat production and makes it difficult to shed excess weight and fat. This usually is seen with fat around the belly and is a major contributor to heart disease.

Your Fasting Blood Sugar Level – People with fasting fasting blood sugar level of 100 – 125 mg/dl had nearly 300 % increased higher risk of having coronary artery disease than with people who had levels below 79 mg/dl.

Your Iron Level – If you have excess Iron levels you can damage your blood vessels and increase heart disease risk. Ideally your Ferritin levels should be monitored to make sure they aren’t much above 80 ng/dl.

Doctors should be talking with you about “Optimizing” your cholesterol levels versus just simply trying to lower them as low as you can so their working in the proper balance with what your individual body needs.

The majority of cholesterol in your body is produced in the liver which is influenced by your insulin levels.

If you optimize your insulin level…you stand a far greater ability to optimize your cholesterol.

The easiest way you can begin regulating your cholesterol is by choosing the types of food you put in your mouth and how they are prepared.

I know this may seem too simple because doctors and text books have told us a completely different story about cholesterol and why the need for statin cholesterol lowering drugs…but we are starting to see more and more evidence against the old mentality of looking just at total cholesterol numbers.

Just making the following simple changes to your eating habits can have big impact on your health…

Significantly reduce…with a plan to eliminate grains (breads, pasta, cereals etc.) and sugars from your diet. Grains as a health food is one of the biggest lies ever promoted to the American public. In a future article we’ll dig deeper into this myth.

As for reducing and eliminating sugars especially in the form of sodas, fruit juices, diet soft drinks…these need to be avoided at all costs to your health.

Replace your cooking vegetable oils (especially canola) with much healthier fats such as raw coconut oil, avocado and grass fed butter is a much better cooking option.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking doesn’t need explanation and eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption will create less stress on your liver which as explained earlier is where cholesterol is manufactured by the body.

In Part 2 of the next upcoming article we’ll go into more detail about the real cause of heart disease and atherosclerosis and why what most people are being told by their doctor about cholesterol meds is actually wreaking havoc on their overall health and setting them up for major health consequences.