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Costs and Insurance

Each treatment is custom designed for individuals based upon a number of factors. The treatment plan is determined after your doctor carefully investigates your health history, family and social history, current symptoms and past treatments. Health-Link Medical Center specializes in unique “cutting edge” technologies for specific neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. Plans can range between several specific treatments to an all inclusive treatment plan that incorporates all of our technologies and treatments.

Some of our treatments are so new that they are considered “Experimental and Investigational” by some insurance carriers and as a result are not covered. Rest assured however that all of our treatment modalities and equipment have been cleared for safety by the FDA.

Insurance and the Regenexx Procedures

Insurance only covers office visits, consultations, diagnostic testing, examinations and bracing. Regenexx stem cell and blood platelet procedures are not covered by any insurance carriers including Medicare. However, we do offer Easy Payment Plans. If you are interested in financing your treatment, please contact us for additional information on the options available.

We endeavor to provide the finest results orientated treatment possible at the most reasonable cost. Detailed information on Regenexx Procedure Costs and Insurance can be found at the top of our FAQs page.

Financing Options

Many financial options are available including no interest financing for those who qualify. Please bring your insurance card with you for your initial consultation. Our staff will verify your benefits and determine what treatments will be covered and what you will be responsible for. We work hard to make your care affordable. Many patients who have had experience with other centers that provide similar treatments tell us that our charges are lower than most considering the quality of service and equipment.

We are in network with:

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  • Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • PPO’s
  • Medicare