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Why does it feel like we spend all day in the kitchen preparing and cooking a four course meal on a Holiday?…But then it takes literally only fifteen minutes to power through a plate of food piled so high that it looks more like a replica of the Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland.

Oh…and then who can say “NO” to a piece of good old fashioned rich, sweet and creamy homemade pumpkin pie smothered in whip cream to wash it all down?

You know how the old saying goes…. “Everything in moderation”.

While this is very true, many of us will mutter those words day after day while we eat just “one” cookie…just “one” soda…just “one” slice of pizza…just “one” sandwich (held together by two slices of bread)…just “one” glass of orange juice…just “one” pancake…just “one” bowl of cereal.

Just “one” adds up, especially day after day and can begin wreaking havoc on our bodies in ways that most have no idea. Your doctor most certainly isn’t telling you this.

I’ll be very BOLD when I say this…one of the single BIGGEST enemies to our health is SUGAR…it’s NOT FAT…as we’ve been led to falsely believe for the past 20 years.

Turns out that the FAT causes heart disease thing is a myth. (We’ll leave this for another article on another day)

Cancer cells thrive on sugar. When your system is overloaded with sugar, cancer cells become too powerful for our immune system to resist and fight off. Cancer cells go undetected in everyone of us on a daily basis while our immune system fights them off before they can take off and turn into a full blown cancer.

Excessive sugar consumption (if you’re eating pasta, breads, cereals, other grains, even fresh fruit and drinking juices or diet sodas on a regular basis…your sugar consumption is way higher than you realize) alters the environment within the gut. It causes an over abundance of BAD bacteria to proliferate (BAD bacteria feed on sugars) and can lead to leaky gut, excessive weight gain and other health problems.

Leaky gut is associated with conditions that effect hormones (ie. Thyroid problems, Hashimoto’s Disease) and it triggers pain associated with arthritis in the joints of the body.

We tell our patients who come to use with joint pain caused by an injury, arthritis or other degenerative condition that if they have blood sugar control problems…the healing cells (Stem Cells) of the body can’t do their job efficiently and interfere with the healing and repair process.

In fact Knee Arthritis is linked to Metabolic Syndrome and blood sugar control problems.

The founder and developer of the Regenexx Procedures we specialize in, Dr. Chris Centeno, sites a study Link: http://www.clinsci.org/content/131/21/2561 about sugar consumption in unhealthy versus healthy men. What was the most interesting thing in this study was that even in healthy men with high sugar intake…they had an increase in liver fat, changes in fat metabolism and increased risk of heart disease no different than that of unhealthy men.

Bottom line…SUGAR is horrible for us. Even when we think we are consuming them in moderation (remember consuming just “one” adds up when done day after day). When it comes to the Holiday Season sugar consumption is practically unavoidable.

The key is to not let the habit of sugar consumption spill over into your everyday life once you move past the Holiday’s.  Sugar effects your brain similar to an addictive drug.

Link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23719144