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Prolotherapy - San Diego and San FranciscoPH is a 30 year old, military policeman that has a history of back pain over the past several years. His pain at times would reach a 7 to 8 (1-10) and would be sharp on the left side. He had tried other types of conservative care including physical therapy without helping his problem. His x-rays revealed a spondylolisthesis which is where one vertebra has slipped forward in relation to the vertebra above. This is a result of what’s called a pars defect that is frequently caused by a small fracture of the pars (an area of the vertebrae). Because PH was young and had little degeneration in his spine, Dr. Zinni addressed the underlying cause of his problem…the spondylolisthesis. Conventional medical intervention is to do nothing until it gets so bad that it requires a surgical procedure that is very invasive and has a record of poor outcomes. Dr. Zinni recommended a course of Prolotherapy which is a Non-Surgical procedure that consists of injections of a solution that causes an irritation of the supporting ligaments that stabilize the vertebrae. He had a series of prolotherapy injections every 2 to 4 weeks for 5 visits. On the 5th visit, he reported that he had no need to wear his back brace because there was no longer any pain. More importantly, PH was able to complete the annual required physical training with only slight stiffness. His last and final injection was on November 27th and he is so happy to be able to perform all the required military activity of an MP…but most importantly, he can now perform all the activities of a parent without any pain.

Prolotherapy – An Excellent Solution for Resolving Joint Instability

Prolotherapy can be very helpful and important treatment for unstable joints. We frequently see this condition in knees, shoulders, ankles, wrist and the spine. Joint instability contributes to the rapid onset and continuing progression of joint degeneration that can result in serious pain and disability. Our protocols address joint instability as a necessary pre-treatment for most regenerative procedures. Learn more about our Prolotherapy Treatments here.