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Initially both my left and right knees were in very serious pain. When I went to Scripps Hospital they removed 60cc’s of fluid from my right knee and 40cc’s from my left knee. They then treated the pain with injections of cortisone which only lasted for three weeks and eventually gave me injections of EUFLEXXA to lubricate the joints for the osteoarthritis (OA) in the knees.
The treatment for each knee was $1,500 each. I was then informed that I would need to get this treatment done every 12 months as my condition progressed and got worse. Not once did they propose a treatment to fix the problem. Personally, I found this unacceptable!

I did some research and came across the Stem Cell and Platelet Procedure that Regenexx had to offer for patients exactly with my same condition. Specifically for patients who have degenerative cartilage in the knees and are experiencing extensive progressive pain.

I went in to see Dr. Cohen for a consult. In 60 minutes using an ultra sound, Dr. Cohen was able to see, diagnose and inform me that my condition was treatable and that I was a viable patient for the procedure. During the consult Dr. Cohen provided me with the details pertaining to the Regenexx-SD (Same Day) Stem Cell procedure. Dr. Cohen then gave me a 70% probability of recovery and explained the details of the Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures for my knees. I decided to give it a try and initially was very skeptical.

During the Stem Cell Procedure I was conscious during the complete process where they removed the stem cells/platelets and with 100% precision injected the stem cells precisely where degeneration of cartilage showed on the x-ray.

Within ten days after the Stem Cell Procedure the pain was diminishing. After two weeks I finally realized the pain I was having was from the surgery and not my initial condition. This was very significant because as time went on the pain eventually went away. It has been eight months, the pain is completely gone I have no more fluid in my knees, no need for any pain killers, injections or any treatment. I am personally able to get up and down, bend my knees, run, etc. The condition is getting better every day as Dr. Cohen indicated it would as the stem cells form gradually over an 18 month period.

I would highly recommend the Regenexx Stem Cell Procedure for anyone that is a viable patient. The technology and procedure was very impressive and is 20 years beyond any treatment the hospitals have to offer.

John Subka