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We recently received this testimonial from a patient who was treated using Regenexx  stem cell therapy for arthritis.

The osteoarthritis in my knees was severe, which x-rays confirmed. My primary care doctor put shots in but that was short term. Shots of Synvisc in my left knee lasted five months but the prescription cost was over $1,000. Insurance did not cover any of it. I did not want knee replacements.

I was pleased to find out on the internet that stem cells were available in the U.S. I contacted Health Link in California. The information they sent was so detailed and informative. My brother lives in San Clemente and he was anxious for me to have the procedure done. He provided a place to stay and transportation.

I had some concern about the pain involved in extracting the bone marrow. All of my fears were groundless. All of the procedures were painless. The doctor explained everything he did and I was awake and involved the whole time. The experience was better than expected.

The pain in my knees subsided gradually. Because it was gradual I forgot how bad it had been. It’s easier to go up and down stairs, grocery shop, and stand without a lot of pain.

-Betty M.