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Several months ago “CC” was referred to us from Regenexx Colorado for treatment. He decided to choose our center rather than go to the expense and time of traveling to Colorado from California. CC is a former professional baseball player who had a wakeboarding accident 3 years ago that resulted in a fracture to his tib-fib joint of his left ankle. The injury was treated with several surgeries that included installing hardware to the fractured area that became infected. He then had to undergo an additional surgery to remove the hardware.  CC’s pain increased steadily and was diffuse and constant. He developed a sense of progressive weakness because of the pain and restriction to ankle and foot range of motion. The described his pain as deep, aching and sharp. Walking barefooted was also painful and he would experience significant ankle swelling after any activity. His MRI showed advanced, severe osteoarthritis of the talao-fibular joint with severe loss of cartilage and bone swelling.

When orthopedic surgery failed, he benefited from Regenexx-SD (same-day) stem cell procedure

CC was initially evaluated by Dr. Hanson at the Colorado clinic, and was now being seen by Dr. Zinni at Health Link Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. After Dr. Zinni performed his own evaluation, the doctors conferred and agreed that CC would benefit from our same day stem cell procedure (Regenexx-SD). He went through the three injection process consisting of a pre injection to stabilize his joint, the stem cell transplant to repair the damage and a final post injection of platelets and growth factors to continue to stimulate repair. We are pleased with his report and want to let folks know that even with poor orthopedic surgery outcomes, there still may be hope. He recently sent this email reporting his outcome after 3 months:

“Everything is going well. Since my procedure in August…I had a tough first 6 weeks. I did the Egosque therapy along with Dr. Zinni’s outlined activity schedule. I still had a lot of pain, tightness, discomfort, lack of function and activity level during the first 6 weeks. Upon talking to Dr. Zinni and Dr. Hanson in Denver, they recommended that I start doing pool therapy. At the point of walking and doing exercises in the pool I have seen a dramatic difference. I actually stopped the Egoscue and only did the pool. I haven’t done Egoscue since. My activity level, pain, and overall function has improved. I haven’t had to take any pain medicine in 2 months or so…just Tylenol. I actually played golf back to back days for the first time in over a year this past weekend. It is usually stiff and sore after golf, but I feel like I am recovering faster. My mornings are MUCH better. I usually had to deal with a lot of pain and stiffness in the mornings…that is almost nonexistent. I used to lay in bed in the mornings and not want to get out of be because I didn’t want to deal with the pain. I have been able to get back to my morning workout routines…get to the office earlier…and even be more productive at work…which isn’t necessarily physical…but has certainly improved my day to day life.”