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California Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis

Normal Joint vs. Osteoarthritis

Jim is happy he chose stem cells over knee replacement for his arthritis

JB, a 59 year old man, came to our center with left knee pain and stiffness for the past year and is diagnosed with arthritis by his primary care physician and orthopedist. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain can be anywhere from 0 to 9, worse with walking, stair climbing and in the lateral posterior of the left knee (outside and back).  He was advised by the orthopedist that he should have a knee replacement as he had reached that stage.  He had two cortisone injections that helped with the pain for a short time, but had to take ibuprofen daily to be able to function. Dr. Zinni carefully reviewed his MRI and history by phone and recommended a same day stem cell treatment (Regenexx-SD). JB decided to move forward and had his procedure in late August. Here is his follow up email:

Hello Everyone;

I am doing not only well but great! What a wonderful procedure. I no longer have swelling. I am exercising 3 to 4 times a day (with the brace on of course). My knee gets stronger every day. I went for a 3 mile walk (with brace) the other day, but it did create some pain and I needed to stop a few times, but the next day it was even stronger with no residual effects. I am starting to push my knee beyond the 90 degree, bending slowly each day. I only hope this is not a temporary situation and that wears off in a year. If it continues to improve, it is a miracle in my mind. It is amazing how the body can heal itself with the right help. Before I could only walk a half a block with considerable pain and swelling that took ice and medication to kill pain. No pain killers or swelling is occurring. I do not wear the brace any longer unless long walks or exercise. Will keep you posted and thank you for following up.

Best Regards,