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My name is Dr. Norman Deitch and I am the founder and CEO of the Health Link Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. I will be writing this blog several times each week to inform, educate and inspire those folks who are interested in Regenerative Medicine. The promise of future medical treatments that will be capable of regenerating tissue repair and growing new tissues is very exciting and rapidly changing. I will endeavor to post interesting articles, studies and case outcomes that illustrate the new technologies and patient treatment experiences.

Stem Cells, PRP and Regenerative Medicine – How our California Clinics Began

Health Link Medical Center - California Stem Cell Treatment Centers

Dr. Norman Deitch and Dr. Bryan Hawkins

Health Link Medical Center began performing regenerative procedures in August, 2010. I was the first patient and our specialist Dr. Bryan Hawkins performed the procedure. It was a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection that was given in my right hip under ultrasound guidance. My right hip and left knee are both severely degenerated as I have been a big guy, very athletic and turned 70 this past October. My right hip had been very painful to the point where I nearly underwent the recommended total hip replacement amputation.  Desperately seeking an alternative solution, I discovered PRP therapy from several orthopedic journals showing significant potential for cartilage repair. I searched for a doctor in San Diego to perform the procedure, but couldn’t find anyone who did this procedure with needle guidance. That is how we began our journey into this exciting new area of medicine.

Health Link today has two clinics, three specialists and the most modern biological laboratories and procedure facilities in California. We have been chosen and licensed to provide the Regenexx family of procedures in California. Regenexx (www.regenexx.com) is one of the world’s leading organizations specializing in Regenerative Interventional Orthopedics.  Regenexx was founded by two outstanding physicians in the Boulder, Colorado area who began to pioneer new regenerative techniques that were being developed and implemented in the veterinarian field. Dr. Chris Centeno, began working with a Veterinarian friend of his on some of these cutting edge breakthroughs not available to humans at that time. Beginning in 2005, Regenexx began to provide some of these treatments to human patients that began the establishment of one of the world’s most acknowledged, published and experienced regenerative orthopedic centers. In 2011, Regenexx has four areas of focus; clinical research, laboratory research, bioengineering and regenerative medicine. Each one of these specialty area’s are staffed with exceptionally qualified individuals all working together to “re-invent orthopedic surgery” for the 21st century.

I hope you will find my blog interesting and useful. If you do, please pass it on to your friends and family.

Thank you,

Norman Deitch, D.C.